Watch Yourself

ARTIST(S) Mandate
TITLE Watch Yourself
STYLES Breaks | Techno
COUNTRY United Kingdom
DATE 30/10/2018
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Alphaville Records presents its first release from Mandate (Mike Broers & Dan Jugle) – Watch Yourself EP. The release offers four diverse cuts showcasing the duo’s longstanding relationship with machines and techno. On the a side, “1994” is warm melodies poised against marauding bass before its more sinister brother enters the fray, “Chroma III”, presenting its twisted self at your disposal. On the b side the tweaked out patterns of “Dash It” will make you crazy before Mandate inspires all your dance floor desires with the proto-Chicago groovy as hell “Dig Its Simple”. WATCH YOURSELF!

*RIP DJ this release is dedicated to Dan Jugle who sadly passed away before this record hit the shops.


A1. 1994
A2. Chroma III
B1. Dash It
B2. Dig It’s Simple

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