Time to celebrate the 20th release in style with a double Vinyl !!

It has been an amazing ride til now so we hope you’ll enjoy our collected visions : 
A1 – Rhadow / Redshift 
Recorded in may 2018 in Brasov / Romania.
A2 – Dust Yard / Oxyd 
Conseived at dawn near a noisy and rusty Parisian station during spring 2018.
B1 – Alphabets / Nebula Rings 
Created on a cold winter night in a attic overlooking south east Berlin.
B2 – Janeret / Comet 
Assembled in the early morning hours in Montreuil, December 2018.

C1 – Diego Krause / Immersion 
Carved in Martha’s apartment, Rue des Epinettes during a stay in Paris, January 2018 . 
C2 – NTFO / Sureshot 
Composed in a chalet in the Carpathian mountains during the last days of 2018. 
D1 – Djebali & Bazbaz / Abraxas 
Taped during the warm summer of 18 in Tel Aviv by Djebali & Stephan Bazbaz.
D2 – Nick Beringer / These Phases 
Lifted from a studio jam in Neukolln during the summer of 2018.

Pens & Strokes by Staffan Larsson


A1. Rhadow – Redshift 
A2. Dust Yard – Oxyd 
B1. Alphabets – Nebula Rings 
B2. Janeret – Comet 

C1. Diego Krause – Immersion 
C2. NTFO – Sureshot 
D1. Djebali & Bazbaz – Abraxas 
D2. Nick Beringer – These Phases 

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