Nothing more than a diary filled with sound fragments that reveal a soundtrack for a surreal story. The Emerald EP is a journey lived by a time traveler through eerie ambientscapes, started from the vintage sci-fi frenzy from the late 50s’ immortalized on side A with Romeo Poirier’s dysfunctional robotic bleeps, continued with Boris Hegenbart & David Moss’ distorted broadcast tape and ended in Christopher James Chaplin’s atmosphere created by an analog choir.

The flipside will host a few locked grooves signed by Romeo Poirer, Boris Hegenbart & David Moss aka duo-mono-lith, shōen 荘園, Smooth Operators as well as loops sampled from Maria Balabas cu Punct8 that can be used as DJ tools in your selected environment.

Misbits Recordings’ first chapter from its trip into the experimental territories of electronic music. The artwork is the first puzzle piece from this weirdly beautiful utopic habitat, as envisioned by Glitch Shop.

A1. Romeo Poirier – Monte Cristo
A2. Boris Hegenbart & David Moss – Transfer_27
A3. Christopher James Chaplin – For I
B1. shoen 荘園
B2. shoen 荘園
B3. Romeo Poirer
B4. Romeo Poirer
B5. Maria Balabas cu Punct8
B6. Maria Balabas cu Punct8
B7. duo-mono-lith
B8. duo-mono-lith
B9. Smooth Operators
B10. Smooth Operators

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