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Deep Traum (Dj Deep & Traumer) – Chp. 1

A A. La Falaise EnchantéeB B. La Grotte MagiqueARTIST(S):  Deep Traum (Dj Deep & Traumer)TITLE:‎ Chp. ILABEL: CERRP001 | Comptines ElectroniquesSTYLES: Minimal Deep House | Vinyl OnlyFORMAT: vinyl 12"RELEASE DATE: October 25th 2017Dj Deep and Traumer join forces for a special House and Deep House output, mixing both of their influences to create what they describe as their own landscapes for imaginary fairy tales.


Various – Vol. III

A1 A1. Dorian Paic & Frederico Molinari - HamalA2 A2. Martinez - OccurrenceB1 B1. Lee Burton - NdnB2 B2. Scott Edward - Your Just a Body (Your Jus a Freak)ARTIST(S):  Various TITLE:‎  Vol.III LABEL: DISDAT003 | DisDatSTYLES: House | MinimalFORMAT: 12" RELEASE DATE: October 16thAfter a brief hiatus, the Disdat crew is back in action & ready to unveil their third release. Dorian Paic & Federico Molinari hit the ground running with “Hamal,” a stomper aimed straight at the dancefloor. Martinez’s “Occurrence” is a psychotropic experience, with distorted whispers and glitches riding over a dark, weighty groove.On the flip, Lee Burton explores the ethers with “Ndn”, a mind-bending work with traces of Detroit nostalgia and a Drexciyan influence. Rounding out the EP is a reissue of the classic “You’re Just a Body (You’re Just a Freak)” by Scott Edwards, first released in 1998 under the name “Phlash.” It sounds as fresh as it did almost 20 years, a euphoric and high-energy track guaranteed to move the dance  

Boniface – Black Hole EP

A. A. YardB. B. Black HoleARTIST(S): Boniface TITLE:‎ ‎Black Hole LABEL: BONIFACE02 | Boniface STYLES: House | Deep House | Minimal  FORMAT: 12" Vinyl only COUNTRY: FranceRELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017Boniface second release on his imprint with two groovy tracks.Mastered by Vincen (yystudio)download-pack 

Andrey Puskarev – Photograph

A. A. Andrey Pushkarev – FrameB1. B1. Andrey Puskarev – Can I take a picture with you?B2. B2. Andrey Puskarev – Undelivered PackageARTIST(S): Andrey PushkarevTITLE:PhotographLABEL: LOA001 | Luck of Access STYLES: Electronic, Deep House, Techno FORMAT: 12″ vinyl only RELEASE DATE: October 16thEffervescent in its construct, Andrey Pushkarev’s Photograph EP on his newly founded 'Luck of Access' imprint, is an exploration of the interplay of sounds and personal memories. Three tracks of compelling circular beauty curling slandered dub realms in a surreal dream-state of lush, liquid and hazy frequencies.


A. Untitled A. UntitledB. Untitled B. UntitledARTIST(S): Unknown ArtistTITLE: Hostom 006LABEL: Hostom006 | HOSTOMSTYLES: House | MinimalRELEASE DATE: October 9thHostom strikes


A. 銀750  A. 銀750 AB. 銀750  B. 銀750 BARTIST(S): YYYTITLE: 銀750 LABEL: YYY750 | YYY seriesSTYLES: House | MinimalRELEASE DATE: October 9thImprint 750 of YYY silver series crafted in yoyaku’s


A1 A1: BFSA2 A2: SearchingB1 B1: Fakin’JaxB2 B2: Bao BaoARTIST(S): BLACKOLYTITLE: BFSLABEL: YYGREC07 | yygrecSTYLES: HouseRELEASE DATE: October 9thMad, dope and underground 4 tracks that can move the time base of the floor.BFS… Mysterious lo-fi track with scratches & vocal sampling gradually sublimes danceable.Searching… Deep and rough beat with mysterious atmosphere invites you to an abstract world.Fakin’Jax… Completed with slow mood, mad and dope sound quality that only MPC can creates.Bao Bao… Again, mad, deep, and full of underground atmosphere house

Premiesku – Last Man On Moon

A1 A1. AvantB1 B1. EvenB1 B2. Last Man On MoonARTIST(S): PremieskuTITLE: ‎Last Man On MoonLABEL: ALLINN028 | All Inn Records STYLES: Electronic | Minimal FORMAT:  12" RELEASE DATE: October 9th

Six years after their debut release on All Inn, Premiesku is back to the label with a brand new three tracker. Last Man On Moon brings the usual winner formula of the trio. The proper hypnosis of drum machines, featherweight spacey themes with a pinch of classical house flavour on the top. A must have record for all periods of the weekend.


Fern – Paradox EP

A1 A1 PrejudiceA2 A2 SundayB B BisousARTIST(S): FernTITLE: ‎Paradox EPLABEL: PTN005 | Partisan STYLES: Electronic Format:  12" vinyl only

Fern presents his "Paradox EP",  a fresh and experimental EP that fits perfectly with the Partisan aesthetic.  This record crafts the kind of adventurous swing that constantly shifts and evolves before your ears,  full of harmony, future tech rhythms and groove, in such sounds and design the most exciting dance floor moments are made, welcome to the fold Fern.


Vincen- ‎Emerarudo (YoY.04)

A1. A1. Vincen - EmeA2. A2. Vincen - MereB1. B1. Vincen - RaruB2. B2. Vincen - RudoARTIST(S): VincenTITLE: ‎EmerarudoLABEL: YoY.04 | YoYSTYLES: Electronic, Breaks, TechnoFormat: 12″ vinyl only, coloured vinylNew release by Vincen serving up a quatuor of electronic beats on YoY, yoyaku’s sublabel. vinyl only, coloured vinyl  

Unknown Artist – Cobra Edits Vol. 2

A1 A1. DbsoulA2 A2. CubzB1 B1. FpimpB2 B2. UrloveARTIST(S): Unknown ArtistTITLE:‎ Cobra Edits Vol.2LABEL: COBRA002 | COBRASTYLES: House | Disco EditsFormat: vinyl 12"



A1. A1. Roger Gerressen – Simian AcresA2. A2. Difid – The dream placeB1. B1. Boniface – DentelleB2. B2. Robert David – Pas ParolARTIST(S): Various ArtistsTITLE: ‎AKUVA01LABEL: AKUVA01 | Aku STYLES: House , Deep, TechnoFormat: 12″ vinyl only Various Artist on yoyaku's sublabel AKU with tracks from Roger Gerressen, Boniface, Difid and Robert David.Only vinyl

Paul Walter – Never Let Go

A Never Let GoB1 LanedanB2 Never Let Go (Dario Reimann Remix)ARTIST(S): Paul WalterTITLE:‎ Never Let GoLABEL: HARLO001 |HarloSTYLES: Minimal | ElectronicFormat: 12"Einzelkind and Charlotte T. are proud to present brand spankin’ new label Harlo records. Kicking things off in style with this first release: Vienna’s secret weapon Paul Walter and Sensual records regular Dario Reimann on the remix tip. Anthem alert !!!download-pack

Tartouffe Vol. 6 de Roger Gerressen

A. Half TripB. Leafs 2ARTIST(S): Roger GerressenTITLE:‎ ‎ Tartouffe Vol. 6LABEL: TARTOUFFE6 | TARTOUFFESTYLES: House | Deep House | MinimalFormat: 12" Vinyl only, two colored hand-stamped vinyl, LimitedFrançaisLa sixième sortie de Tartouffe est signé par Roger GerressenEnglishRoger Gerressen releases with this two tracker Tartouffe’s sixth imprint. 


Difid – Deadly Stone

A A. Deadly StoneB1 B1. Road to NowhereB2 B2. Land of IllusionARTIST(S): DifidTITLE:‎ Deadly StoneLABEL: PARSATIK001 |ParsatikSTYLES: Minimal | ElectronicFormat: 12"download-packOnly vinyl, 180g

Lowris – Mabête (AEM010)

A1 A1. BestyolleA2 A2. Setup 4.1B B. Bestyolle (Edward remix)ARTIST: LowrisTITLE:‎ Mabête EPLABEL: AEM0010 | Æternum MusicSTYLES: Electronic | Minimal | Minimal houseFormat:  12"

Æternum Music head and co-owner celebrates the 10th release with his first solo release on the imprint. 2 tracker with a brilliant aditional remix from the Giegling crew member Edward..


V.I.C.A.R.I – Soft Machinations

A1 A1. Secret Games 3A2 A2. Various Small FlamesB1 B1. HoldB2 B2. 82’C C. Moy Lally In DD1 D1. Others Here With YouD2 D2. Voynich 2D3 D3. Ode To Éliane (rec 2)E1 E1. Yovereve Pt 1E2 E1. SlipthruF1 F1. TorealiseF2 F2. Ode To Éliane (rec 1)ARTIST: V.I.C.A.R.ITITLE:‎ Soft MachinationsLABEL: CC01 | Counterculture RecordsSTYLES: Electronic | Minimal | Minimal houseCOUNTRY: AustraliaFORMAT: 3 × Vinyl, 12"

All tracks Written, Produced, by V.I.C.A.R.IMastered by Iraciv




A1 The Power SequenceA2 Dream Disko FMB Shut Da Fuk Upp!ARTIST(S): St. DavidTITLE:‎ FM DiskotekLABEL: MNTU003 |ManitouSTYLES: House | ElectronicFormat: 12"Manitou is back this time with MPC house Jams  from St David, ready for the dancefloor inspired by the Hardhouse era of the 90's Dance Mania


A A - Traumer - EspalaB1 B1 - Traumer - SmoraviB2 B2 - Traumer - ParallaxARTIST(S):  TraumerTITLE:‎ GettraumLABEL: GETTRAUM004 | GETTRAUMSTYLES: Minimal Techno | Vinyl OnlyFormat: vinyl 12"Fourth release of Traumer on his own imprint, three tracks for different moods.


Tolga Top – STATE003

A1 A1. Tolga Top - Strait 44A2 A2. Tolga Top - Strait 44 NB (Nick Beringer remix)B1 B1. Tolga Top - ElevatorB2 B2. Tolga Top - Moody 808ARTIST(S): Tolga TopTITLE:‎ STATE003LABEL: STATE003 | Understate:mentSTYLES: Electronic | BreaksFormat: 12"Understate:ment's debut on yydistribution opens up a new chapter within the notorious Mannheim-Paris connection, as Berlin based label head, Tolga Top, steps up for his first solo EP.'State003', is a dancefloor dazzeling three track journey, influenced by grooving acid-house and hip hop inspired breakbeats. Being backed by a slamming remix from The Gathering affilate, Nick Beringer, makes this a must have for all the dancefloor  

Art Alfie ‎– Dieci (HOWL010)

A A Howl010.1B1 B1 Howl010.2B2 B2 Howl010.3ARTIST(S):  Art Alfie TITLE:‎  Dieci LABEL: HOWL010 | HowlSTYLES: House | Deep HouseFormat: 12"Art Alfie is back on HOWL, after the massive track he gave to us HOWL008.4, is now ready to present his debut solo Ep. Heavily pulsating, Disco infected dj House tune, perfect combo of moods and grooves; all these tracks are timeless, but perfect for this summer, sunny atmosphere with the unmistakable dirty and swing of the Mpcdownload-pack  

Seuil ‎– Extract Live Weather

A1 D-Force (live Weather 15 edit)A2 Horror Show (live Weather 15 edit)B Acid 101ARTIST(S): Extract Live WeatherTITLE:‎ ‎SeuilLABEL: CCRT07AM03| Concrete Music 7AM STYLES: Techno | ElectroFORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceThis new Concrete Music EP contains 3 Seuil's original tracks.A1 and A2 are directly extracted from his live performance at Weather festival 2015, while the B side has been produced in a slightly different vibe some months 

Society Of Silence ‎– Paracusia

A A ParacusiaB1 B1 La MoucheB2 B2 Paracusia (DJ Stingray rTMS Remix)ARTIST(S): Society Of SilenceTITLE:‎ ‎ParacusiaLABEL: CCRT4AM02| Concrete Music 4AM STYLES: Techno | ElectroFORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceA paracusia is a form of hallucination that involves perceiving sounds without auditory stimulus. Auditory hallucinations need to be distinguished from endaural phenomena in which sounds are heard without any external acoustic stimulation but arise from disorders of the frontal lobe, temporal lobe, language processing system, ear or auditory 

H330 ‎– Find Tha Way

A A Find Tha Way (Original mix)B1 B1 CarbonadoB2 B2 Find Tha Way (Edit)ARTIST(S): H330TITLE:‎ ‎Find Tha WayLABEL: CCRT03PM02| Concrete Music 3PM STYLES: House | Deep HouseFORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceWe dont know so many things about H330... except he seems to be from Paris and kept sending us dope music since 2 years...The only thing we know is that the artist behind this name got strong skills, a big knowledge of House Music, and a lot of Soul...Here are the 2 original tracks ( and an edit of one of them) that we decided to release on Concrete Music. Definitely not the last 

Birth of Frequency ‎– Blue

A1 A1. BlueA2 A2. Blue (Luigi Tozzi Remix)B1 B1. MindedB2 B2 WildernessARTIST(S): Birth of frequencyTITLE:‎ ‎BlueLABEL: CCRT4AM03| Concrete Music 4AM STYLES: TechnoFORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceBirth of Frequency offered us 3 original tracks, Just perfect to be played at the moment when the sky is changing from black to blue, when people on the dancefloor are stopping to fist pump, preferring to close their eyes and keeping their heads down while travelling through the hynotic vibes. In turn, Luigi tozzi's remix is all about that moment when the sun is spreading its brightness all over the dancefloor, giving a new energy to all the last dancers. Watch out! This Ep will take over your feet and your minddownload-pack 

Various ‎– Textures 4AM

A1 A1. Stanislav Tolkachev - Acid Midnight Fox BayA2 A2. Corcos - Change TomorowB1 B1. Society Of Silence - CornersB2 B2. Antigone & Abdulla Rashim - MackandalARTIST(S): VariousTITLE:‎ ‎Textures 4AMLABEL: CCRT4AM01| Concrete Music 4AM STYLES: House | TechnoFORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceCONCRETE MUSIC 4AM aims for the more Techno and black side of the music we love. At 4AM, fists are pumping the air, or heads are down and eyes closed. It's not about how hard or fast the kickdrum beats, but how thick the atmosphere 

Florian Muller ‎– Finally

A A. FinallyB1 B1. Your Tender KissB2 B2. A Thug In The WoodARTIST(S): Florian MullerTITLE:‎ ‎Finally LABEL: CCRT03PM03| Concrete Music 3PM STYLES: House  FORMAT: 12" Vinyl COUNTRY: FranceWe discovered FLORIAN MULLER 3 years ago and fell directly in love with his funky and soulful House music. It took time to make it happen, here it is, his EP on CONCRETE MUSIC 3Pm is FINALLY here!download-pack 

Halo Varga – Back to the Future (inc. remix Janeret, Coldfish, Howl Ensemble, Pola and Jaffa Surfa)

A1 A1. Halo Varga - FutureB1 B1. Halo Varga - Future (Coldfish Remix)B1 B2. Halo Varga - Future (PolAmbient Remix)C1 C1. Halo Varga - Future (Janeret Remix)C2 C2. Halo Varga - Future (Howl Ensemble Remix)D1 D1. Halo Varga - Future (Pola Remix)D2 D2. Halo Varga - Future (Jaffa Surfa Remix)ARTIST(S): Halo VargaTITLE: ‎Back to the FutureLABEL: ALLINN027 | All Inn Records STYLES: Electronic | House | Deep House | Minimal | AmbientFormat:  2 x Vinyl (10" & 12")

Rebirth of a legend. Travelling through time and space Future makes no mistake. Halo Varga's unforgettable hymn can shake the dancefloors even after 17 years. This golden song was released by Siesta Music and the legendary Hooj Choons imprints, and now after more then a decade its landing on All Inn Records sorrounded by 6 incredible reinterpretations of Janeret, Coldfish, Howl Ensemble, Pola and Jaffa Surfa. Together with all these different shades and shapes this is truly one of the most remarkable gem of the label


Kashawar – Resonate

A1. A1. ResonateA2. A2. The Man On The MoonB1. B1. Zero GravityB2. B2. HochbetriebC1 C1 OrbitbassC2 C2 HundertdreissigD1 D1 Radical AmbientD2 D2 Lakeside TroubleD3  D3 HARTIST(S): KashawarTITLE: Resonate LABEL: PTN004LP | Partisan STYLES: Techno | Minimal | House | Breaks Format:  2x12" LP vinyl onlyKashawar presents his “Resonate LP”, an explosive ensemble of rave-infused techno which travels beyond boundaries to defy the typical groove of 4X4 dance music.​ ​This​ ​album​ ​is purposely designed to transport you somewhere far away, catapulting you beyond the techno stratosphere!download-pack

E-Tronik – Architecture

A1 A1 AbsideA2 A2 BiforeB1 B1 Chien AssisB2 B2 Bifore (Voltery Sequencing RMX)ARTIST(S): E-TronikTITLE: ArchitectureLABEL: MS0.3  | Motion SequenceSTYLES: Minimal | Minimal HouseFORMAT: 12" Yellow Wax

Motion Sequence is back with the third chapter, MS0.3 ‘'Architecture'' Ep by E-Tronik — three-track ep concluded by a club oriented sequencing from Voltery. Vinyl only / special yellow 12''.