Fata Morgana

ARTIST(S) Idris Bena
TITLE Fata Morgana
STYLES Electro | House | Techno
DATE 23/04/2021
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Fata Morgana originally meant two things. First, a complex and mystical form of mirage that can be seen right above the horizon of the sea. Second, a magical and powerful enchantress from the mythology. Now, it will have a third definition: a stunning EP from Idris Bena.
You’ve known Idris for his delicate breakbeat touch and harmonious house narratives – now is the time to discover his dance music repertoire. A1 ‘Danceteria’ is a statement in that regard, a joyful banger that fulfills perfectly its purpose (make you move) while maintaining finesse and surprise.
A2 ‘Bird Tales’ pursues that goal further and drives you hypnotically towards B-Side. This is where Fata Morgana reaches its full complexity. B1 ‘Soft Things’ is a hybrid work: mysterious, hardly describable, crafted for dancers yet radiating softness and melancholia.
No time to rest though, because B2 ‘Devotion’ is right around the corner. A muscular, generous housey track, aesthetically closer to the 90s, showing how well Idris moves from one era to another.
Fata Morgana is almost over as you softly dive into a musical bathtub… B3 ‘Now I Float’ – And we let that title have the final word.


A1. Danceteria
A2. Bird Tales
B1. Soft Things
B2. Devotion
B3. Now I Float