Pattern Check / Live Recording

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1. Part 1

Wedding Acid Group


2. Part 2

Wedding Acid Group


3. Part 3

Wedding Acid Group


Undersound Recordings is proud to announce the first cassette release on the label. The tape contains a 27 minutes live jam session by WAG, recorded at Ballacid Studio in 2016.

During the past year, Undersound Recordings had the pleasure to work closely with Balla and J. Mono and Andras. Since day one the connection was great, but most important we understood pretty quickly that we share the same vision about music. That’s why we decided to make a release from music lovers for music lovers. Different format, same quality.

This rare recording was made to check and memorize the patterns for live situations, jamming on analog machines, such as Elektron Monomachine, Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1, Cyclone Analogic TT-303 and Roland TR-909. The tape allows to listen to the recording uninterrupted, from beginning to end, with which the energy of WAG comes into full effect.

USRT1 Pattern Check / Live Recording will be released in a very limited edition.

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