ARTIST(S) Sohrab
TITLE Disconnected
STYLES Acid | Electro | Techno
COUNTRY United Kingdom
DATE 03/03/2021
Available at :
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Following his debut release on kindred label Marginal Returns, Undersound is very happy to present a new EP by London-based producer and close friend Sohrab.

This EP showcases his wide ranging influences, with a diverse sound palette, while demonstrating his already-established personal aesthetic. The EP opens with “The Fool”, a steady four-to-the-floor track with esoteric eastern-tinged melodies, and continues with “Vertical Alignment”, a bassline-led emotional trip with interlocking evolving harmonies.

The flip offers two contrasting moods: the rougher “Resolution”, a fast-paced late-night burner, and “Digital Bliss”, whose soothing synths evoke old school Goa vibes.


A1. The Fool
A2. Vertical Alignment
B1. Resolution
B2. Digital Bliss