This futuristic Micro Club kicks off with the techno sounds of « Minimal Risk » Layers of electro accompanying the stroboscopes of « Automation de l’Amour » then the mix up of « Efficace  toujours » that running with almost industrial tonalities.
Then the sound blurs and the beat gets deconstructed to welcome « Crashing Box » with its ambitious dance influence…moving on to « No Title » with the computer waves which mix in with ambient sounds.
For the first time NSDOS integrates words into his instrumentals in the image of « Fais-moi le paix » using technology to disguise the voice from beyond the grave to give it a robotic aspect…
Micro Club closes out with « Non love » a unique statement, but nevertheless disillusioned of this period.


A1. Minimal Risk
A2. Automation de l’Amour
A3. Efficace toujours
A4. Crashing the Box
B1. No Title
B2. Fais moi la paix
B3. Micro Club
B4. Non Love