Open Land

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A. Politics

Ben Nevile


B1. I Don't Feel That Way

Ben Nevile


B2. Open Land

Ben Nevile


Ben Nevile is our longtime favourite Canadian artist/sound engineer, previously based in Vancouver but now making his home in the creative hotbed of Montréal. His music is colourful with generous, thick groove and melody evolving from minimal house music to dub techno. Ben’s appearances are truly rare whether for productions or concerts. Indeed it’s been almost 20 years since Ben first produced music for Telegraph. With Open Land Ben delivers an outstanding record showing the 3 dimension of his skills.

The A side Politics is a true hit! A sweet rave track capable of exploding any dancefloor – combining strength, elegance and melancholy.

The B1, I Don’t Feel That Way, hypnotically thumps with an arrangement that will feed it perfectly into everyone’s DJ sets this summer.

The eponymous B2 track, a tribute, is fully restrained with deep atmosphere. Both B tracks are perfect dj tools to give the dancefloor the right energy and mood. Here is a timeless record. Do not miss

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