Naked Figures

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A. Naked Figures

Public Lover & Bruno Pronsato


B. Naked Figures (Bruno Pronsato remix)

Public Lover & Bruno Pronsato


Public Lover (Ninca Leece & Bruno Pronsato) return with another single aimed at bringing you into their humid world of dance music.

Naked Figures is a bassline-driven story drunk on percussion and beauty. A track built on abstraction and elegance. A track quiet literally naked from its humble beginning to its anti-climactic ending. It’s an unassuming journey of class. It’s Ninca & Bruno uttering scenes of nakedness and dim lights… But is it a love song? We think not. It’s not about a one night stand either. It’s simple. It’s funk. It’s house. It’s techno. More importantly, it’s about making you dance.

On the b-side, one half of the duo, Bruno Pronsato, steps up for remix duties. Twisting the piece into an almost classic sounding Telegraph track. A song you might have heard on the Limeworks series four years ago. An almost melancholic venture into abstraction. Heavy on the bass as well, Bruno emphasizes the sleaze of the track….Ringing bells and drum lines reverberate through out the track all the while keeping the vocals pitched low and the sex lower.

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