Yah Yah

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A. Yah Yah

Tom Ellis


B1. Called Out

Tom Ellis


B2. Specific Threat

Tom Ellis


“Yah Yah” is the new offering from Tom Ellis. The main track on A side Yah Yah is a trip that starts with a minimal techno flavour very groovy reminding some of the finest Mike Ink’s Studio 1 tunes. The track moves slowly to a surprising House groove in the middle.. a strong and original track. The B1 “Called Out” is a classical groovy house tune 100% made for dancefloor sexy and funky and all minimal to only keep the groove at the center. “Specific Threat” on B2 is a freaky minimal track with a haunting bass line and string hook. Another Round is the Digital bonus an exemplary deep techno track to close this particularly brilliant new Ep from Tom !

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