Hello 281 EP

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  • Yoyaku Records Store
  • Deejay.De
  • Juno
  • Decks.De
  • Phonica
  • Misbits

and more…


A1. Hide

Tom Ellis


A2. Clashes

Tom Ellis


B1. Shift Type 1

Tom Ellis


B2. Physic (feat. Suz)

Tom Ellis


Tom comes from a very musical family up in the hills of north Wales. Leif, Tom and his brother Joe own the label Trimsound in the Uk. Highly influenced by his brother Joe and close friend Leif, Tom Ellis puts a lot of his time into creating his own style of deep and funky dance music. His roots spread wide through all sorts of genres, leaving him with a drive to create lots of different styles while keeping the dance music as the main focus. So, he leads us to a warm and funky “Day After Yesterday” on Logistic and more techno tracks elapsing by jazz inspiration. Today Tom presents a strong 4 tracks ep on telegraph : warm, groovy house tracks full of creativity

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