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A1. Future Memories - Tremo

Future Memories


A2. Future Memories - Fr13 (ft Delphie)

Future Memories


B1. Future Memories - Tremo (Tom Ries Snackday Remix)

Future Memories


B2. Joaquin Lledo - 4U (vocal by Gari Romalis)

Future Memories


Secret Society & Southern Magic’s boss Joaquín Lledó debuts with a different and inspiring sound, full of very versatile luminous harmonies, which he experiments in his studio with his partner Ron Viners under their already known project Future Memories.
Following Tremo, Santiago-based talented Delfina Franco joined the duo and the studio in Villa Alemana to create subtly energetic and memorable Fr13.
Pager family member Tom Ries is on remix duty as we’ve enjoyed his music since his first release.
Closing the EP, the 1st solo track of Lledó welcomes Detroit Legend Gari Romalis as vocalist; now it’s time to have that magic on our label.

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