Spaceship For Sale EP

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A1. Spaceship For Sale

Oden & Fatzo


A2. Casinomania

Oden & Fatzo


B1. 69 Party Boys

Oden & Fatzo


B2. 69 Party Boys (Fabe's 68 Remix)

Oden & Fatzo


The first shot on Salty Nuts in 2020 comes from the Parisian live act posse Oden & Fatzo. Their very musical & uplifting beats are bringing back that positive energy people are into when summer stands in front of the door.

3 originals that are characteristic for the vibes Oden & Fatzo are transporting in their live shows. The b side features a remix by fabe, which gives people an idea why this mixture of artists is the perfect clique for bringing dance floors back to life.