Arcoíris (incl. Cabanne Remix)

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A1. Ema Remedi - Arcoíris

Ema Remedi


A2. Ema Remedi - No Rain No Gain

Ema Remedi


B. Ema Remedi - No Rain No Gain (Cabanne Pt.2 Remix)

Ema Remedi


Ema Remedi and Cabanne on Sketches 12th Release. Vinyl Only. Limited copies. Another stylish release from the Uruguayan, Berlin based Ema Remedi. Arcoíris, brings a unique and emotional flow, subtle. The Original track of the release preserves the artist identity on the label. No Rain No Gain, changing the arrangement by the pitch, providing a sensation of time stretching, into a groovy and striking drum rhythm. Cabanne Pt.2 Remix, is a second part of Cabanne Remix for Ema. Back in the days, Cabanne presents a modern sounds and construction, re-arranging the original elements in a very original and iconic way. The pioneer of the french minimal-house, Cabanne proves skills to innovate and surprise.

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