Mac Needs A New Boat

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A1. Coffee Blues

Yamen & Eda


A2. Sunny Side Motel

Yamen & Eda


B1. Figure Four

Yamen & Eda


B2. Mac Needs A New Boat

Yamen & Eda


C1. Sunny Side Motel (S. Moreira Remix)

Yamen & Eda


C2. Mac Needs A New Boat (Lawrence Remix)

Yamen & Eda


D1. Figure Four (Ark Remix Total Flush)

Yamen & Eda


D2. Coffee Blues (Delphie Remix)

Yamen & Eda


SCRTC013 is coming !

A super warm welcome to this French duo Yamen & EDA . These guys bring the Mac Stories album with a very deep and nice dance making this album a genuine Lp, you will be able to feel it from start to finish.

Including a remix by Spanish artist Sergio Moreira, member of Slow Life. Enjoyable synths rhythms that will make you dance with a happy feeling.

C.2 one of the most important guys in Deep House, a musical reference. Triple clap to Lawrence, what can we say about this hero… It’s a real honour to have him.
D.1 Perlon’s genius, THE ONE, fresh, exponentially and euphoric ARK alleluyark double kick ur brain with his hypnotic remix.
To conclude with D.2, the new Argentinean based in Santiago de Chile Delfina Franco. You can hear his music flowing and the soft harmonic details he can find in his version.
For the artistic cover, a true Chilean legend, Carmen Piemonte, 91 years old, founder of the “Grupo del Rectangulo” with her partner Ramón Vergara, surprises us with this masterpiece that will inspire future generations, from here to the end of the world.


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