Curved Patchair EP

ARTIST(S) Denis Kaznacheev
TITLE Curved Patchair EP
STYLES Minimal
FORMAT 2 x 12"
DATE 25/09/2019
Available at :
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Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev comes out on Secret Society with a massive double EP, 2 long tracks by Denis and 3 remixes. Curved Patchair, track which directly takes you into the world of Kaznacheev’s trip through grooves and spaces with spoken words running through our minds.

Side B we got Rubin Ford effect, a 15 min track showing Denis his affinity for long tracks, like a movie building up his scene with suspense and evolving into a light groove with harmonic voices and melodies, taking you further in a silent state.

Remix from Lee Burton on C.1 with Rubin Ford effect, Lee makes the track more bouncy with acid house effects. Peter F. Spiess Remix on C.2 with Curved Patchair, Peter gets out the sci-fi layer which is hidden in the original track. And the last remix by Diogo stays close to the original length while making the track more up beat, highlighting the special effects in the track.


A1. Curved Patchair
B1. Rubin Ford Effect
C1. Rubin Ford Effect (Lee Burton Remix)
C2. Curved Patchair (Peter F. Spiess)
D1. Curved Patchair (Diogo Remix)