To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the agency, Rotate prepared a hefty 4xLP compilation featuring its key artists. ‘Rotations II’ is the seven-chapter follow-up to “Rotations I” out in 2016 and features tracks from most of the current music crafters in the Rotate family: a collection of personal musical excursions and peculiar studies of rhythm and sound, from artists full of wit, and grit.

‘Phase Five’ (A1) is Yuzo Iwata’s debut on Rotate and, without surprise, is a showcase of sonic wizardry that sets the tone to the entire compilation with its dreamy (and almost delirious) atmosphere and marching organic groove. ‘Aphasia’ (A2) has Anestie Gomez shifting the gears to a more minimalistic sonic palette of razor-sharp drum programming, sophisticated swing, and deep acidic low-ends. The flipside ‘Hypnosis’ (B1) is Leiris’s debut solo on Rotate and a true study on reduced raw grooves and abstract sound-design, wrapped in amidst of hypnotic mystery. ‘Partenaire Particulier’ (B2) brings back Leiris together with Ben Vedren as “Monkey Nenufar”: a spellbinding, steady-beat ride full of joyful chords and filtered echoes for certified euphoria.

Levi Verspeek kicks the flip-side with ‘Paying 420’ (C1), a focused 4 by 4 excursion focused on groove and on-point sampling of minuscule percussive loops teeming around a central pulsating bassline. Funky, vibrant and full of emotion, Pit Spector’s ‘Back from CDV’ (C2) is a love letter to the esteemed Club der Visionaere, and an ode to the micro-house aficionados, especially those with a soft spot for Latin rhythms. Denis Kaznacheev’s ‘Poromechanics’ (D) is a 15-minute sonic delirium through startling soundscapes, sweltering rhythms and barely-sane micro-sampling, ultimately setting a hypnotic, enigmatic tone to the closing of this compilation.

“Rotations II” is a versatile comeback to this V.A. series where Rotate artists can be themselves, loyal to their own sound and their very distinct personalities.


A1. Yuzo Iwata – Phase Five
A2. Anestie Gomez – Aphasia
B1. Leiris – Hypnosis
B2. Monkey Nenufar – Partenaire Particulier
C1. Levi Verspeek – Paying 420
C2. Pit Spector – Back From CDV
D. Denis Kaznacheev – Poromechanics

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