Peter F. Spiess is no newcomer, especially to those akin to a type of ultra minimized dance music explored between the late ’90s and the early ’00s. Peter’s one of those artists blessed with an unparalleled ability to abstract and simplify dance music down to its purest elements: sonic bare-bones, both rich and impactful.

Peter’s debut on Pluie/Noir, “Polymorphs XX”, is the spiritual successor to “Crystal Polymorphs”, the artist’s only album over the last 20 years and a bold collection of memorable electronic music cuts that achieved a low-key cult-status between diggers and DJs alike from all around the globe. Showcasing creations both old and new, “Poly-morphs XX” dives further into Peter’s ultra-personal sonic cosmos in a 12 track album with music written over the last 20 years, spanning from ultra minimized glitch-techno to low-swung electro.

Bitmap artwork was digitally drawn by Peter as well, following his fascination with the digital and the weird. Colouring by Max Binski. Limited pressings.


A1. Cheerful Al
A2. Une Journée Commune
A3. Litha Elektra I – In Bare Numbers, Comfort Lies
B1. Three Specimen of the Redhooded Copperfolk
B2. Turtle in a Nightgown
B3. Glass Blanket
C1. That Maze in Your Eyes
C2. A Question of Where and When
C3. Lesson of the Ferret
D1. Sie Spielen. Noch
D2. Litha Elektra II – Wave of Inertia
D3. Emergency Radio