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A1. Sunswell

Genius Of Time


A2. Taurindo Shuffle

Genius Of Time


B. Purple Motus

Genius Of Time


On our next release, Oath are extremely proud to present the latest EP
from duo Genius Of Time, which continues to showcase the pair’s deep
affinity with charming melodics, succulent rhythmic structures and an
overall deep love affair with warm, soothing electronics.

Genius Of Time consists of Nils Krogh and Alexander Berg, both of whom
have been actively making music for a good while now but began their
journeys as Genius Of Time all the way back in 2010. There’s a
deepness to their music which is hard to define in its perceptual and
physical beauty, with each record they have released concerning itself
with finding the right balance between ethereal textures and technical
application. This finely struck relationship has allowed the duo to
really explore the parameters of their sound, engaging the listener
via sequences which take their time to unravel and hit all the right
notes when the going gets good. From jazzy steppers through to
bouncing 90s inspired gems, there is little which the pair feel is off
the table, and that approach is indicative of a healthy mindset
towards experimentation and ensuring that room is always found to grow
into and dwell deep within. Giving and taking is always a great sign
within electronic music, and Genius Of Time provide the kind of
breathing space within their music which invites you in and takes you
to very specific and magical kinds of places.

This element of evolution is present and correct as you slide through
their previous releases, which have seen the duo pop up on a number of
the best labels going. Their early works, which include the likes of
‘Same Old Place’ (2010), ‘Drifting Back’ (2011) and ‘Gliese 581g’
(2011) all drift along at a beautifully laid back pace, allowing for
maximum engagement through the speakers and as a totality do much to
draw listeners into their emerging palette of sonics. Records that
followed, which included ’Tuffa Trummor Med Synt’ (2012), ‘Juno Jam
EP’ (2014), ‘Kepler 186f’ (2016), ‘Voxshot’ (2017) and ‘Peace Bird’
(2019), shifted the focus into the clubs, the dusty after-hours
settings, the warm after glow which arrives with the morning sun. If
their original sound was all about pairing grooves with imaginative
and searing hot melodic layers, then the second half of their
discography was all about the positive aspects of enveloping the dance
in a hypnotic haze.

As two differing sides to the emotive spectrum, there is plenty here
to dive into, and helps to serve us up very nicely indeed to their
latest effort, ‘Sunswell’, their first record together in three years.
Inkeeping with their most recent efforts, the duo waste no time in
bringing forward some truly special vibes, with the title track
kicking things off in spectacular fashion. Simmering, engrossing
synths start preceedings, before a delightful breakbeat slides into
view underneath, with 90s leaning vocal samples fuelling the momentum
as we slide onwards and upwards. The additional key work which comes
into view around the halfway mark ensures that the heart and the soul
are both very much fulfilled. ’Taurido Shuffle’ comes next, and this
one continues the notions superbly, with a dynamic arpeggio line that
merges expertly with the stepper beat that emerges underneath, as all
manner of inspired melodics and rhythmic motifs evolve into the track
as time passes by. To wrap things up, we have ‘Purple Motus’, which
takes things into deep and dubby territory with a hard hitting bass
undercurrent transposed with incredibly soft whistles and seeping keys
that slide up above the rhythm, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

So why not join us on the veranda, the stage or the open road, and
collectively bathe in this duo’s supremely executed sound design and
all it has to offer – a perfect uptempo record that eases you into
summer in all the right ways…..

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