Elephantoms EP (Remixes)

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A1. The Groin (Hear & Ohm Hourani Remix)

Hear, San Proper


A2. Macha Moves (Julie Marghilano Remix)

Hear, San Proper


B1. Up The Hill (Andrea Ferlin Remix)

Hear, San Proper


B2. Macha Moves (3lias & Raphael Merheb Remx)

Hear, San Proper


Naissance Musik returns with their fourth release NM-04, a remix package of the released HEAR & San Proper ´- Elephantoms EP .
The label welcomes an array of talented producers who are acclaimed DJ’s featuring interpretations from Andrea Ferlin, Julie Marghilano, Ohm Hourani & HEAR, 3LIAS & Raphael Merheb.
We aim to bring a more dancefloor oriented feel to the package in contrast to the more abstract, ethereal feel of the original release.
Vinyl Only

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