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A1. Seed



A2. n14



B1. Fog



B2. i2



Makesense Records is very excited to presents Sou Akeyama ’s first 12’’ release. Machinedrum and Monomachine skilled composer, Sou explores romanticism within hard-break-core and glitchy music. In the manner of a Japanese countryside landscape merging modernism into nature, Sou is giving birth to a Four-Tracker exploring tonality and speeds, organic and electric. Substractive Percussion Synthesis at it’s finest fighting for existence with FM pads thru a genuine compressor chain.

From the center of earth to the very edge of it’s canopy highest leaves, Seed grows under your feet: break beats patterns progressivly transforming Chaos into Life. You’ll feel the rhythm running into your veins. Blood Pressure Monitor drops as n14 big basses and laidback and impulsive broken beats will drive you into the fog. Frenetic yet so warm, scattered rhythms stabbed by aerial pads: a colored thunder from inside the cloud. Contrasted fog dissipates and i2 lands you back safely, ending the journey with a downtempo yet futuristic and excited trip-hop narrative.

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