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A1. Mehlor - What Should I Do

Various Artists


A2. Miguel Seabra - Bass Lick

Various Artists


A3. Moodhay - WhoRu

Various Artists


B1. Chuwee & Mink - Skatin’ Around feat. Aly Meza

Various Artists


B2. N-30120 - Istanbul Instant 

Various Artists


B3. N-30120 - Neptune Lobby

Various Artists


In a world where music is outlawed, Mickey Kaline, once a major player in the game, finds himself in the depths of the underground. While scouting deep in the field, where music is heard and not seen, his next order of business was to assemble a team to bring the heat. The plan? Laundering tracks through The Kaline Express.


. Melhor – What should I do? :  Seeking help? Call 1(800)-MELHOR, our resident musical therapist for your daily household needs. Services includes early rave sounds, percolating rhythms & syncopated spices.

. Miguel Seabra – Bass Lick : Recent recruit and one of Portuguls finest, Miguel Seabra clears the air with cerebral syncopation that is loose but intact. Dialing us in with a bassline for your mind.

. Moodhay – WhoRu :  ‘Here we go!’ Keep your ears peeled as Moodhay strikes back with a left-field high-roller. Hypnotic states, gated chords & cycling percussion, orbiting a juggling baseline.

. Chuwee & Mink – Skatin (feat.Manuela) : A three way trip to Bermuda, be sure to bring your roller blades…What? To skate or to scat? That is the question. Chuwee, Mink and Manuela work out the details over some big wave pads and no nonsense percussion.

. N-30120 – Istanbul Instant : Locked-in a state of confused affairs in a room full of mirrors, this is a trip that you won’t soon forget. 90’s x 303 ÷ Acid = N-30120, you do the math.

. N-30120 Neptune Lobby :
Location: Space X Lounge, Planet Neptune
Destination: Club Andromeda
Captian : Mickey Kaline
In Flight Entertainment : N-30120 Presents: A Sonic Monologue

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