Out Of Place

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A. Missouri

Yaroslav Lenzyak


B1. Gravitation

Yaroslav Lenzyak


B2. Inside

Yaroslav Lenzyak


Born and bred in south Ukraine, Yaroslav Leznyak is an emerging talent with a sound that belies his relatively short stint in the production game. ‘Out of Place’ sees the producer perk up with three expertly curated tracks, each one as cold and desolate sounding as the next. If you’re obsessed with the sort of hypnotic minimal that leaves your head in a spin, then you’re sure to absolutely adore the many sonic intricacies that define the record.

Opening up the ‘Out of Place’ EP is the sounds of ‘Missouri’. Full of scattered broken beats and an overall feeling that all is not well, it serves up an uncomfortable listen that’s notable for its many humid and stifling characteristics. Scrupulously produced and never lacking in personality, it ensures the release kicks off under auspicious circumstances.

Next up is ‘Gravitation’, arguably the EP’s highlight. A star-gazing anthem that’s full of tripped-out sci-fi vibes throughout, it’s stuffed to the brim with canny, whimsical vibes that keeps the listener second-guessing from the off. The beauty of the track comes alive as it slowly unfurls and grows in intensity, resulting in a dancefloor monster that’s sure to leave dancers yearning for more. Inspired stuff.

Matters then come to a halt soon after courtesy of ‘Inside’, whereby Leznyak returns to a more stripped-back, minimal plane. A grinding and moody track that’s been tailor-made with the night’s more spooky moments in mind, it sees us out the gate amongst a barrage of ambience that’s hard to shake. All things considered, ‘Out of Place’ is a confident release from a producer we’re sure to be hearing much more from soon.

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