Perseveranza Continua

ARTIST(S) Baltazar
TITLE Perseveranza Continua
STYLES Minimal
DATE 23/05/2018
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Baltazar makes his debut on MAMA Records with some minimalistic class! This unknown young talent is a master blending different analogic sounds into a fascinating way.

The wax starts with ‘Valval’, a perfect mix between uplifting synths and deeper subby grooves. Baltazar uses a great number of subtle and unexpected details throughout the track, making it a solid start. Then comes ‘Ancora Più Chiaroscuro’, a much smoother and deeper groove. Pads and keys are perfectly mixed with modulated bass, heavier kicks and some trippy vocals, making this one a journey into the frequency realm. Finally, the young artist closes his EP with ‘Perseveranza Continua’, a slightly more romantic tune with an interesting use of acoustic instruments. This track is a melting pot between classical and electronic music, a truly impressive mix!

A1. Valval
A2. Ancora più Chiaroscuro
B. Perseveranza Continua

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