Hausfrau / Watergate Blues

ARTIST(S) Swayzak
TITLE Hausfrau / Watergate Blues
STYLES Minimal
DATE 13/09/2010
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James Taylor is back home together with his long time partner David Brown for 2 specials Swayzak releases. Logistic goes on for a short serie to be released in a raw. This part 2 Ep is a blast, fasten your seat belt : A side. “Hausfrau” is a wild trip! An opened live session spirit gives this track quiet a crasy and unique groove – 14 mns long evolves from deep structure to crasy twisted funk then come back to deepness! Incredible track. B.side. “Watergate Blues” is deeper and softer and sweeter ☺ An electro bassline with melancolic pads and sounds give the track a very cool Detroit flavour – sweet listening pleasure for both home in a well seated sofa and on the floor dancing for it. Enjoy !


A. Hausfrau
B. Watergate Blues

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