The Harlot Ep

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A1. Oliva

100 Hz


A2. The Harlot

100 Hz


B. Liquid 101

100 Hz


Logistic is proud to welcome the long actives Techno producers from Uk : Lee Renacre and James Chapman aka 100Hz. They are responsible of some great House-Techno records back in early 90’s mainly released on Optimism Records and on their own label Format Records. 100Hz has a rich musical universe with strong influences from early American Techno scene. Production made out of Analogic elements gives a strong atmosphere to their music. The Harlot Ep on Logistic is about Techno music as it’s best! Liquid 101 (B side) is the Analogue heaven, a deep space adventure, incredibly groovy loop reminds us some of Robert Hood early works. Oliva (A1) is Lee’s Spanish inspired adventure a deep Tech-House track with a fresh and psyche atmosphere, a great track for endless party. And The Harlot (A2) makes you feel like you’re on a very fast train going in circle. A no concession Techno track works with only few essential elements to make you dance non stop! A very funky groove ! Clever production work. Remember Jeff Mills great dj sets?