Elegance & Malice Reworked

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A. Perky Slip (Do You See) (Adultnapper’s Pineal Eye Remix)



B. Disturbing Idle (Melchior Productions Ltd. Remix)



[a]pendics.shuffle’s Elegance & Malice EP has been reworked by two great talent’s the master of minimalism Thomas Melchior & Ransom Note’s Adultnapper, both artists have expressed there interpretations to the highest order. Adultnapper has taken a darker path, raw & steady drums keep you grounded whilst disassembled voices and eary strings make you realize things are going to get weird. There is a constant hook in the background that sounds like the noise of a sleeping monster but as it gets louder you know it’s about to wake and it does, throwing you backwards in a totally different direction. Melchior’s remix takes you on a different journey one that you never want to end. Lush melodic sound’s and stunning percussion with deep soulful vocals keep growing and growing drawing you ever nearer all the time never letting you go.

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