Fungi / The Misidia Monarchy

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A. Fugi

Akiko Kiyama


B. The Misidia Monarchy

Akiko Kiyama


Fungi has a simple techno variation that is squashed into a frequency vacuum, removing almost everything bar the very core of the track and ending up with some thing that sounds like the ghost of a peak-time anthem. The effect is almost disorientating, but marvellously effective in wrong-footing expectations and delivering some thing that sounds unlike anything you”ll have heard before.

The Misidia Monarchy has a brilliantly constructed minimal reduction, utilising the simplest ingredients and arranging the pieces from the bottom up to end up with a looping display of precision beat and bass, with a hint of a Japanese texture.

Bookashade chose & re-edited The Misidia Monarchy to go on there DJ Kicks Compilation the track appeared twice the original and a Karel Fialka mix.

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