Shiretoko EP

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A1. Wildlife

Shōtaro Aoyama


A2. Ryūhyō

Shōtaro Aoyama


B1. Spring Awakening

Shōtaro Aoyama


B2. Ryūhyō (Kuniyuki Remix)

Shōtaro Aoyama


B3. Tidal Motion

Shōtaro Aoyama


Supported by THE NORTH FACE Japan, this EP was filmed and recorded in wintertime at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shiretoko National Park, where drift ice appears in the depths of winter.

By fusing the ‘shifting nature flowing within Shiretoko’ and the ’systematic grid of urban life’, the EP illustrates the nostalgia and modernity coexisting in Japanese music, and expresses one’s experience of being in Shiretoko’s nature as music.