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A1. Howl014.1

Dj Octopus


A2. Howl014.2

Dj Octopus


B1. Howl014.3

Dj Octopus


B2. Howl014.4 (Lucretio Remix)

Dj Octopus


A new member in the HOWL family , another high respected producer under our radar since long time. Dj Octopus kindly gave us 3 direct pure DJ tool House jams.

Icing on the cake we added a remix from Lucretio – Analog Cops a timeless elegant house olds cool flavor with a great rolling hypnotic voice that is broken from a dreamy synth which softens the raw drum. All these tracks was made thinking about a certain mood of the dance floor around deep night, wooden floor and sweaty wall, closed eyes and the warm heat that rises in the back.

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