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Available on 30/03/2023

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A1. H2H - Tomorrow Now

Various Artists


A2. Sista Sista - Baby Don't (Damian Rausch Remix)

Various Artists


B1. Giorgio Morderer - Engery

Various Artists


B2. H2H - Tomorrow Now (J Gabriel & Mojo District Remix)

Various Artists


Chez Damier and Ben Vedren H2H‘s “Tomorrow Now” begins with an arpeggiated synth playing signal a new day in age, hence the title ‘Tomorrow Now.’ The mysterious vibes spread as unintelligible Vox and minor keys are sprinkled across the arrangement, amongst other tribal and wind instruments, only to find resolve with the aspirational pad in the very end.

On a lighter note, Sister, Sister “Baby Don’t” Remixed by: Damian Rausch (Student of Chez Damier) takes us straight back to the dancefloor days (Better Days?) with a pumping and irresistible groove. Emotive chords, adorning melodies and sweet vocals make this track a nostalgic piece.

Giorgio Moroder‘s ‘E=MC2’ is mixed by “The Gathering”, putting a harmonious and house twist to it, without compromising its original and playful energy.

This EP encompasses our journey thus far. So, you either take it… or it takes you.

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