A casual walk down the streets of Havana, a trip with your bro who drives you into an artificial insanity, a dance marathon through voices and sand at seaside. That’s the key to your heart and ears. Our 5th release or the fifth element of H24 Records, a double VA, full of nervy bpm which wraps up 8 musical incursions well dosed with dopamine.


A1. Cojoc – Voices In My Head
A2. Constand – The Key
B1. Jeremy Weeks – All That I Need
B2. Giorgio Maulini & Alex Zola – Artificial Insanity
C1. Kirik – Trip With My Bro
C2. Cooke & Knitzky – Sora
D1. Vlad Bretan – Havana & You
D2. dot13 – Melanj De Clisee