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A. Jäfar – Black Mamba

Jäfar & Seura


B. Seura – Whitechapel

Jäfar & Seura


Jäfar (Elliot Sindall & Oswaldo Nicoletti) make a rapid return to the label and are back to grace the A Side of Fragil 019, while Elliot Sindall one half of the duo also pairs up with Constantin Nakov as Seura on the flip.

Black Mamba recalls certain aspects of Jäfar’s previous work on the Label: the broken drum line, the subtle vocal samples and the global hypnotic aspect of the music.

Yet it is also radically different from Marzsia. Black Mamba is a subtle but direct club track, aiming to get the dancers down through its heavy groove. The kick drum and low toms are strongly suggesting leg movement, joining forces with the snares and hats which call upon some serious head nodding.

On the B side, White Chapel is another broken beat club piece, but this time feels crafted for the afterhours. The groove is lighter and the heady feel is strong, closing the dancer’s eyes and inviting them to drift through the music.

Once again, Fragil comes up with original, well produced and highly danceable content, highlighting unsung talents for every versatile DJ out there.

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