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A1. Ain't That The Truth ?

Julian Perez


A2. Xless

Julian Perez


A3. The Unspoken Thing

Julian Perez


B1. Unusual Sense

Julian Perez


B2. That Stuck TDK

Julian Perez


B3. Interfluide

Julian Perez


C1. Alog

Julian Perez


C2. A War Melody Dreamer

Julian Perez


D1. Sending Forth

Julian Perez


D2. Recognition!

Julian Perez


D3. Peace In The Darkness

Julian Perez


Julian Perez delivers his debut album Solemnity on the artist’s own imprint, Fathers & Sons Productions. This 2×12″ vinyl only release is a deep sonic journey highlighting Perez’s attention to detail and the evolution of style gained from many years of refining.

Solemnity branches out in many directions but is unmistakably Perez, expressing himself musically more than ever before. Presenting relaxing soundscapes that float through various atmospheres plus perfectly-mixed 909 beats, listeners can expect a journey of songs that ranges from innocent and deep to club-friendly and driving.

The album’s title comes from the state of being serious and dignified, which is seen in this complete package from the artwork to the mix and expert selection of sounds. Solemnity by Julian Perez is a window to the artist’s dedication to his craft and ability to create honest sound. It’s an album that should be listened to from start to finish. We solemnly swear.

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