Cosmic Echoes

ARTIST(S) Nima Gorji
TITLE Cosmic Echoes
STYLES Minimal | Tech House
COUNTRY Australia
DATE 11/09/2018
Available at :
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Elision Imprint kicks things off for their first release with heavyweight Nima Gorji. Hypnotic atmospheres are underpinned by a foundation that keeps on rolling, while distant celestial resonances and intriguing vocal reflections consolidate the tight, percussive groove.
Varhat’s remix builds on some primary motifs from Gorji’s track and deeply integrates with an up-front bassline that’s here to take names, not prisoners.
East End Dubs brings a mesmerising contrast with his complimentary and immersive approach that precisely rounds off Elision 1.

A. Cosmic Echoes
B1. Cosmic Echoes (Varhat Remix)
B2. Cosmic Echoes (East End Dubs Remix)

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