Triamazikamno – Part 1

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A1. Initiation (Break It's Broke It Remix)

Darren Allen ‎


A2. Manitou

Darren Allen ‎


B1. Obyvatel

Darren Allen ‎


B2. Molecular

Darren Allen ‎


Darren Allen joins the family at Discobar for a 2-part release, the first containing four abstract grooves disrupted by distinctive sound interventions both synthesised and real. A clock ticking on ‘Initiation’ joins rapping snares in giving intent to the track’s floating melodic figures and vocalisations. ‘Manitou’ overlays steppy breaks with the rumble and roar of the eponymous heavy-duty vehicle, an invasion of the outside world sure to bewilder some dancefloors.Things turn darker with distorted highs and groggy mid-range drift in ‘Obyvatel’, before the quiet industry of ‘Molecular’ – its assorted bubbles and rattles both musical and humorous – brings us back to the light.

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