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A. Dam Mantle - Kinship Dub

Buvette, Dam Mantle


B. Buvette Song For The Tanzman

Buvette, Dam Mantle


This very limited 7″ marks the collaboration between two young talents, Glasgow-based producer Dam Mantle and Swiss Alps electronic artist Cédric Streuli’s project Buvette, now relocated to Mexico City. The artists’ latest joint effort, following 2010’s Swiss gigs, is reaching out to ambitious and exciting new musical directions. A collage of electronica, traditional sentiment, dance and dis- located beats.

Dam Mantle‘s ‘Kinship Dub’ begins with rolling drums making its way through anxious and trancey atmospheres. Tight compressed layers of rhythm twist around soaring melodies, vocal cuts and flute bringing it all to a peaceful finish. Music for soundtracks of the future.

Flipside, Buvette turns ‘Song For Tanzman’ into a late- night bedroom dance party. Keeping his pop touch firmly intact, Buvette delivers a techno beat, catchy hook-up bassline and sunny melodies, pushing ‘Song For Tanzman’ skywards with its magnificent synth raptures.

Only available on vinyl, this 7″ limited to 300 copies is highly recommended!

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