Paint Club EP

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A1. Paint Club (Original)

Julien Aubert


B1. Paint Club (Knor Synesthetic Remix)

Julien Aubert


B2. Paint Club (Lusine Remix)

Julien Aubert


For his Creaked debut Paint Club EP, ycung Swiss tech-house artist Julien Aubert flirts with massive dubby atmospheres in his powerful rhythms, maniac details deeply structured and an addictive melody that will instantly force you to dance!

The weirdo 90’s housey cut Paint Club gradually adds a couple of melodic flourishes here and the- re. Its complex percussion arrangements snap all the way through, with variations on the infectious, buzzing theme. The impressive attention to detail is maintained via panning bursts of reverberation and seemingly endless rhythmic wiles. Especially for late-night dancefloors, Julien Aubert brings an eerie side into clubs which will blast the crowd away!

Not to be outdone, Zurich-based producer Knor minimalizes it, adding a deep-dubby groove with hypnotic loops, and a punching snare. While Seattle IDM genius Lusine slows it down to turn his version into a visceral hiphop with a beat that kicks and hiccups uncenter of our comprehension to complete this perfect limited handmade package.

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