Kosmos EP

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A1. Kosmos feat. Malik

C.S.R, Cesar Merveille


A2. Kosmos (Burnt Friedman Remix)

C.S.R, Cesar Merveille


B1. Tales of Africa

C.S.R, Cesar Merveille


B2. Tales of Africa (Breaky Take)

C.S.R, Cesar Merveille


Cosmo Records is once more exploring the crossover between Western electronic music producers and
traditional African instrumentalists. This time around the Casablanca-based label is welcoming a new artist to the fold. Cesar Merveille has been active in the European house and techno scene for many years, releasing on labels such as Cadenza and Visionquest while always pursuing his own unique creative agenda inside and outside the conJines of club music.

Cesar’s recent adventures have found him launching Roche Madame, a label for his most personal and expressive work. In the spirit of this exciting new phase in his career, this release for Cosmo Jinds him working with the captivating tones of Senegalese vocalist Malik Diop across a range of tracks that capture the crosscultural spirit of Cosmo.

As the latest stage in Cosmo’s ever-evolving experiment, this record demonstrates just how naturally Western artists are absorbing the rhythms, melodies and structures of African music into their own practices. It’s because of this that Malik’s voice sounds so natural alongside both Merveille and Friedman’s captivating productions.

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