5 Years Of Cosmo – Vinyl 1

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A1. San Proper - Blue Deceptive Cember

Various Artists


A2. RADIQ - Tell Me Why

Various Artists


B. Pier Bucci - 10 Dias

Various Artists


After two years of preparation, recording and compiling, Cosmo Records is ready to present its most ambitious project to date. 5 Years Of Cosmo gathers together thirteen tracks from more than twenty artists, resulting in the most diverse and accomplished collection of globe-trotting sounds the label has compiled to date. The calibre of the producers speaks for itself, from Yapacc to Dandy Jack, Masomenos to San Proper, Tolga Fidan to Radiq and beyond. In their respective work with musicians such as Sanhaji, Khansa Batma and Saad El Bouaamri, a vibrant cocktail of real-world grooves has been cultivated that positively bursts out of the speakers with all the imagination and urgency of artists at the peak of inspiration.

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