Back To Beginnings EP

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A1. Sebastian Werle - Ma Wifey

Sebastian Werle, Sepadé


A2. Sebastian Werle - Gotta Man

Sebastian Werle, Sepadé


B. Sepadé - Back To Beginnings

Sebastian Werle, Sepadé


Sebastian Werle (Sedee) IS on duty for the second record of our main label Be9.
Sedee connect all kind of different music and always incorporate their own unique productions when they play. Specific grooves and vocal sample arrangements all create a special vibe and this is they key point of this limited edition we are going to drop before the year is over. On the B side you will find a long play collaboration between Sedee and Padez as Sepadé, which is what happens in the studio when friends spend great times together.

Yours truly,

Be9 Crew

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