Canopy EP

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A1.Canopy Vantage Point

Selva Massiva


A1.Mangroves By Night

Selva Massiva


B1.Canopy Vantage Point (Chris Geschwindner Beatmix)

Selva Massiva


B2.Mangroves By Night (Chris Geschwindner Remix)

Selva Massiva


Autodidact ventures into the area of jungle/dnb music with the first part in a series of two by Selva Massiva, a project by Roger Gerressen and Alex Jansen. On the b-side Chris Geschwindner takes both tracks and makes sure the ep is still suitable for dance floors with two excellent remixes.

A1. Canopy Vantage Point
A2. Mangroves By Night
B1. Canopy Vantage Point (Chris Geschwindner Beatmix)
B2. Mangroves By Night (Chris Geschwindner Remix)

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