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A1. Dissonant I

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji)


A2. Dissonant II

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji)


AA1. Dissonant III

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji)


AA2. Dissonant IV

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji)


The tracks on ‘Dissonant’ were harvested from the same studio live sessions as the last release ‘Radiant’ (AUA004) and share the similar club-oriented brown-noise swagger and the sub-bass that slither low like a wet serpent.

These 2 releases complete the second album of A_A ‘Radiant-Dissonant’.

The ‘Dissonant’ vinyl is released intentionally “naked” (without the sleeve) as this serves as Disc 2 of the album.
Largely comprised of a rhythm box, a 101, and random phone recordings of what went on within and outside of the studio, the duo dives into live processing and manipulation of these limited sources through resampling and stomp box degradation, feedback loop in and out of a junk yard delay unit from a consumer electronics and tape machines.

The deep steadiness of the particular sessions disguises the excitement that permeated the studio when the two performers found themselves landing on the fine balance between the intensity of unscripted playing and the utilitarian aspect of club music. So if you listen carefully, you might hear the whimper of rapture as they twist and fold their vast range of musical influences into a deafening silent scream.

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