If You

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A. If You

Guido Schneider, Jens Bond


B1. If You (Konrad Black's Rock Dust Remix)

Guido Schneider, Jens Bond


B2. Walk To Walk

Guido Schneider, Jens Bond


This June will see the Amam imprint return with Guido Schneider & Jens Bond’s ‘If You’ EP, accompanied by a remix from Konrad Black.

German duo Guido Schneider & Jens Bond have been collaborating for quite some time now with releases together surfacing on Poker Flat, Contexterrior / Tuning Spork, Highgrade and Cadenza since 2005. Here we see the pairing delivering some exciting new material via the Amam imprint, bringing their raw and percussive led style back into the limelight.

Title track ‘If You’ sees the duo deliver a bumpy percussive groove laid out over eight minutes with swirling atmospheric sweeps and expansive organic sounds, while Konrad Black’s ‘Rock Dust Remix’ remoulds the original number into something hypnotic and mesmerising with penetrating bass, bubbling percussion and sweeping pads. The latter half then sees two more originals provided from Schneider & Bond, firstly ‘Walk To Walk’ lays the focus on unfolding reverb bursts, shadowy vocal murmurs and howling bass stabs, while closing track ‘Trippin’, as the name would suggest, provides a mind-bending and psychedelia infused techno composition to tails things out.

A1. If You
B1. If You (Konrad Black’s Rock Dust Remix)
B2. Walk To Walk

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