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A1. Dakpa - Insloud

0, Dakpa


A2. Dakpa - Pira2

0, Dakpa


B1. 000 - Brkln Ten

0, Dakpa


B2. 000 - Organic

0, Dakpa


The turn of the New Year means AMAM is about to reach its fifth anniversary – now with over sixty releases of some of the classiest house and techno produced in Italy and around the world. We’re trying out some new things, and that includes starting 2015 with a shout-out to the old school: a vinyl-only split EP featuring two gems from our roster, Dakpa and 000.

On the A-side, Mallorca’s Dakpa enters the scene with ‘Insloud’, a triumphant melding of staccato clicks and warm clouds of ambience, managing to simultaneously divide the seven and a half minutes into tiny blinks and extended dream sequences. ‘Pira2’, though, shows a different, more funky and hyperactive side of Dakpa. This one isn’t concerned with subtlety, a bit cuckoo and a bit rabid. (Wait, can cuckoos get rabies?)

Sardinia’s 000 shows his stuff on the B-side. ‘Brklyn Ten’ is a high-pressure track wrought with delightful tension, like an elevator climbing to the 999th story of a building: The mechanical groove is undercut by freewheeling whirrs and rippling outbursts. Finally, the dark and smoky ‘Organic’ tiptoes through a dragon’s den, offering a sense of suspense as the kinetic shuffle provides the backbeat for the twists and turns of atonal horn sounds. Be sure to have a fog machine for this one! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more surprises from AMAM as we celebrate five years of existence.

180 grams – vinyl only!


A1. Dakpa – Insloud
A2. Dakpa – Pira2
B1. 000 – Brkln Ten
B2. 000 – Organic

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