Suspended Animation EP (Repress)

TITLE Suspended Animation EP (Repress)
STYLES Breaks | Electro | House
COUNTRY United Kingdom
DATE 23/04/2021
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Bolam’s ‘Suspended Animation’ EP is the first release from Space Dust – a new reality within the Alien Communications universe. On a record that’s as well-rounded as it is diverse, ‘Florion Heights’ launches the EP into the stratosphere and beyond, with high-energy drums and rich, optimistic synths leading into a euphoric crescendo, all locked together with a fat, bobbing bassline. ‘Comfort Zone’ is the perfect proceeder as you enter inter-stellar space, floating in its lavish, airy pads, deep bass and snappy broken beats… with crystal tones layered harmoniously together resulting in a track filled with positivity and charm. Wrapping up the record is ‘The Mothership’ – a near 10-minute voyage, abducting the listener with a hypnotising rhythm and bassline that carries the cinematic atmospherics and progression into a weird and wonderful finale.


A1. Florion Heights
A2. Comfort Zone
B. The Mothership