• 100 Hz ‎– Nove (HOWL009)

    A1 A1 Howl009.1
    A2 A2 Howl009.2

    B1 B1 Howl009.3
    B2 B2 Howl009.4

    ARTIST(S): 100 Hz
    TITLE:‎ Nove
    LABEL: HOWL009 | Howl
    STYLES: House | Electronic
    Format: 12″

    Howl have unlocked some of the best 100Hz unreleased house classics and  has delightedly us with 4 stunning retro tracks. Real house anthem mixed with pure analogue wickedness, elegantly rolling with a solid funk groove that stinks of cool and some seriously big drops




  • 616 – MANITOU004

    A A

    B1 B1
    B2 B2

    ARTIST(S): 616
    LABEL: MNTU004 |Manitou
    STYLES: House | Electronic
    Format: 12″

    Spirit of music Manitou this time chose mysterious artist “616” with 3 classy tracks, driving mid 1990s, with fresh oldschool – not – oldschool,elegant and mind blowing in the same time; the B2 is an UK broken beat vibes with an incredible stunning voice, that will stay in your mind forever.

  • 7OG – 7OG.1

    A1 A1 #1

    B1 B1 #1 (Bass Tool)
    B2 B2 #1 (Voice Tool)

    ARTIST(S):  7OG
    TITLE:‎ 7OG.1
    LABEL: 7OG.1 | 7OG
    STYLES: House | Vinyl Only
    Format: vinyl 12″ , hand stamped

    7OG is all about a killer dancefloor combined by two tools.  vinyl only, limited press.


  • New

    AKU slipmat (pair)



    A1. A1. Roger Gerressen – Simian Acres
    A2. A2. Difid – The dream place

    B1. B1. Boniface – Dentelle
    B2. B2. Robert David – Pas Parol

    ARTIST(S): Various Artists
    LABEL: AKUVA01 | Aku
    STYLES: House , Deep, Techno
    Format: 12″ vinyl only

    Various Artist on yoyaku's sublabel AKU with tracks from Roger Gerressen, Boniface, Difid and Robert David.
    Only vinyl

  • New

    Alex Jansen – IRENICSPC001

    A1 A1.  Step By Step
    A2 A2. Blue For You

    B B. Langland Bay

    ARTIST(S): Alex Jansen
    STYLES: Deep House | Electronic
    FORMAT: vinyl 12″
    RELEASE DATE: November 6th 2017

    Irenic is back with the first release of it’s ‘special’-series, done by Alex Jansen. Known for his releases and remixes on labels such as U-Gold, Stardub, Rue de Plaisance and more, this EP shows two different sides of Alex. On the a-side, both tracks share a very emotional deep feeling, while the b-side is a bit brighter and more suitable for dancefloors.

    yydistribution spreads the love.


  • Andy Kolwes ‎– N°: 012

    A1 A1. PS House
    A2 A2. Brainwaves

    B1 B1. Nathan the Preacher
    B2 B2. I have been through this (Marquese Edit)

    ARTIST(S): Andy Kolwes
    TITLE:‎ N°: 012
    LABEL: LPA012 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″



  • Art Alfie ‎– Dieci (HOWL010)

    A A Howl010.1

    B1 B1 Howl010.2
    B2 B2 Howl010.3

    ARTIST(S):  Art Alfie
    TITLE:‎  Dieci
    LABEL: HOWL010 | Howl
    STYLES: House | Deep House
    Format: 12″

    Art Alfie is back on HOWL, after the massive track he gave to us HOWL008.4, is now ready to present his debut solo Ep. Heavily pulsating, Disco infected dj House tune, perfect combo of moods and grooves; all these tracks are timeless, but perfect for this summer, sunny atmosphere with the unmistakable dirty and swing of the Mpc




  • Ashac – The occult LP (AEM009)

    A1  A1 Orbit City
    A2 A2 Jazz, Machines'n'Skulls

    B1 B1 The Occult
    B2 B2 Mistery Sciences

    C1 C1 Sigillum Dei
    C2 C2 Bad Drummer

    D1 D1 Time Traveller
    D2 D2 Abstract Dimensions

    ARTIST: Ashac
    TITLE:‎ The occult LP
    LABEL: AEM009 | Æternum Music
    STYLES: Electronic | Minimal | Minimal house
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, 12″, Compilation

    Debut LP from Ashac, Æternum is proud to present you this young and talented French artist through this double inch.





    A1 A1: BFS
    A2 A2: Searching

    B1 B1: Fakin’Jax
    B2 B2: Bao Bao

    LABEL: YYGREC07 | yygrec
    STYLES: House
    RELEASE DATE: September 28TH

    Mad, dope and underground 4 tracks that can move the time base of the floor.
    BFS… Mysterious lo-fi track with scratches & vocal sampling gradually sublimes danceable.
    Searching… Deep and rough beat with mysterious atmosphere invites you to an abstract world.
    Fakin’Jax… Completed with slow mood, mad and dope sound quality that only MPC can creates.
    Bao Bao… Again, mad, deep, and full of underground atmosphere house track.


  • Bolumar & Moises – Mental Pleasure / Revenant

    A A. Mental Pleasure

    B B. Revenant

    ARTIST(S): Bolumar & Moises
    TITLE:‎ Mental Pleasure / Revenant
    LABEL: LPAS031 |La Peña Shots
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″

    “La Peña Shots” is the brand new 10″ Sub Label of well known La Peña records.



  • New

    Boniface – Black Hole EP

    A. A. Yard

    B. B. Black Hole

    ARTIST(S): Boniface 
    TITLE:‎ ‎Black Hole
    LABEL: BONIFACE02 | Boniface 
    STYLES: House | Deep House | Minimal  
    FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl only 
    COUNTRY: France
    RELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017

    Boniface second release on his imprint with two groovy tracks.
    Mastered by Vincen (yystudio)



  • Boniface – Supernova

    A. A.

    B. B.

    ARTIST(S): Boniface 
    TITLE:‎ ‎Supernova 
    LABEL: BONIFACE01 | Boniface 
    STYLES: House | Deep House | Minimal  
    Format: 12″ Vinyl only 
    Country : France

    Victor’s debut on his eponym label BONIFACE with a two banger tracker, supported by Barac, Raresh, and Varhat.



  • New

    Deep Traum – Chp. 1

    A A. La Falaise Enchantée

    B B. La Grotte Magique

    ARTIST(S):  Deep Traum (Dj Deep & Traumer)
    TITLE:‎ Chp. I
    LABEL: CERRP001 | Comptines Electroniques
    STYLES: Minimal Deep House | Vinyl Only
    FORMAT: vinyl 12″
    RELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017

    Dj Deep and Traumer join forces for a special House and Deep House output, mixing both of their influences to create what they describe as their own landscapes for imaginary fairy tales.


  • Difid – Deadly Stone

    A A. Deadly Stone

    B1 B1. Road to Nowhere
    B2 B2. Land of Illusion

    ARTIST(S): Difid
    TITLE:‎ Deadly Stone
    LABEL: PARSATIK001 |Parsatik
    STYLES: Minimal | Electronic
    Format: 12″


    Only vinyl, 180g

  • Dj Unrefined ‎– Undici

    A1 A1 .Dj Unrefined – Howl011.1
    A2 A2. Dj Unrefined – Howl011.2
    A3 A3. Dj Unrefined – Howl011.3

    B1 B1 Dj Unrefined – Howl011.4
    B2 B2 Dj Unrefined – Howl011.5 (Howl Ensemble Remix)

    ARTIST(S):  Dj Unrefined
    TITLE:‎  Undici 
    LABEL: HOWL011 | Howl
    STYLES: House | Deep House
    Format: 12″

    HOWL back on track for the autumn season with a stunningly fresh dance-floor tracks from Dj Unrefined, where raw drums and sharp organs whilst flirting together in a perfect dance with rolling voice samples. the italian duo Howl Ensemble enrich and complete the EP with a timeless Remix where the bumpy bass and restrained synth stabs supporting some minimal rhythms for a flawless groovy night.




  • New


    A1 A1. Windy City

    B1 B1. Distorted House
    B2 B2. Noon Elik Eyou

    ARTIST(S): Doyle Johnson
    TITLE:‎ 1979 Squirrel Incident
    LABEL: AUTODDCT01| Autodidact
    STYLES: House| Deep House
    FORMAT: vinyl 12″
    RELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017

    The first release on Autodidact is a house flavoured EP by newcomer Doyle Johnson.
    On the a-side a small nod to Chicago, while the b-side is filled with disco and hiphop influences, ready to keep dancefloors moving.

    Autodidact is the second label Roger Gerressen is setting up through yydistribution, aiming to release projects from various friends, collabs and people he meets along the way.


  • E-Tronik – Architecture

    A1 A1 Abside
    A2 A2 Bifore

    B1 B1 Chien Assis
    B2 B2 Bifore (Voltery Sequencing RMX)

    ARTIST(S): E-Tronik
    TITLE: Architecture
    LABEL: MS0.3  | Motion Sequence
    STYLES: Minimal | Minimal House
    FORMAT: 12″ Yellow Wax

    Motion Sequence is back with the third chapter, MS0.3 ‘’Architecture” Ep by E-Tronik — three-track ep concluded by a club oriented sequencing from Voltery. Vinyl only / special yellow 12”.



  • Eoism – Backyard Alchemy

    A1 A1. Xontics
    A2 A2. Transmutation Scheme
    A3 A3. Volatile Conjunction

    B1 B1. Anima Dissolution
    B2 B2. Cold Fire Equation

    ARTIST(S): Eoism
    TITLE: Backyard Alchemy
    LABEL: USR005 | Undersound Recordings
    STYLES: Electro | Techno
    RELEASE DATE: October 9th 2017

    Undersound Recordings is back with a new electro infused EP called “Backyard Alchemy”, this time courtesy of the trio Eoism.
    The A side showcases two classic fast tempo electro dancefloor killers, “Xontics” and “Transmutation Scheme”, plus a special bonus IDM track on A3, “Volatile Conjunction”.
    The B side is dedicated to dreamy and melodic synth driven tracks like “Cold Fire Equation” and “Anima Dissolution”.



  • Fabe – Life Is Audio

    A1 A1.Square Walk
    A2 A2. No Uturn

    B1 B1. Cookie Man
    B2 B2. Last Change For Tombola

    ARTIST(S): Fabe
    TITLE:‎ Life Is Audio
    LABEL: LPA021 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″

    After releasing a string of Various Artist 12″s La Peña is a regular in any favourite DJ’s record bag. Now it’s time for the next step.



  • New

    Fern – Paradox EP

    A1 A1 Prejudice
    A2 A2 Sunday

    B B Bisous

    ARTIST(S): Fern
    TITLE: ‎Paradox EP
    LABEL: PTN005 | Partisan 
    STYLES: Electronic 
    Format:  12″ vinyl only

    Fern presents his “Paradox EP”,  a fresh and experimental EP that fits perfectly with the Partisan aesthetic.  This record crafts the kind of adventurous swing that constantly shifts and evolves before your ears,  full of harmony, future tech rhythms and groove, in such sounds and design the most exciting dance floor moments are made, welcome to the fold Fern.


  • Florian Hirche – Comess

    A1 A1 Ustad
    A2 A2 Attic

    B1 B1 Lucid
    B2 B2 Vacuum

    ARTIST(S): Florian Hirche
    TITLE: Comess
    LABEL: All Inn Black | AIBLACK020
    STYLES: Electronic | House| Deep House| Minimal
    Format: 12″ Vinyl

    For our 20th All Inn Black release, we’re celebrating in the truest All Inn fashion — by sharing an exciting debut from an even more exciting artist: Berlin’s Florian Hirche. Minimalistic Vibes with low-lit house embellishments. No hype, just quality.



    A A – Traumer – Espala

    B1 B1 – Traumer – Smoravi
    B2 B2 – Traumer – Parallax

    ARTIST(S):  Traumer
    TITLE:‎ Gettraum
    STYLES: Minimal Techno | Vinyl Only
    Format: vinyl 12″

    Fourth release of Traumer on his own imprint, three tracks for different moods.


  • Giammarco Orsini – Game of Chance

    A1 A1. Planet Pan
    A2 A2. Divenire

    B1 B1. Any Robots Here
    B2 B2. Point Of View

    ARTIST(S): Giammarco Orsini
    TITLE: ‎Game of Chance
    LABEL: PTN003 | Partisan 
    STYLES: Electronic | Techno |
    Format:  12″ vinyl only

    Game of Chance makes for such potent material on the dancefloor.
    From the funky bleep techno tones of “Planet Pan” to the dubby immersion of “Divenire”, with the snappy shuffle of “Any Robots Here” to the blissed-out pads and snaking beat of “Point Of View”. This is refined and reduced dance music that radiates warmth and champions groove, subtly preaching positivity in the most elegant of ways.




  • New

    Halo Varga – Back to the Future (inc. remix Janeret, Coldfish, Howl Ensemble, Pola and Jaffa Surfa)

    A1 A1. Halo Varga – Future

    B1 B1. Halo Varga – Future (Coldfish Remix)
    B1 B2. Halo Varga – Future (PolAmbient Remix)

    C1 C1. Halo Varga – Future (Janeret Remix)
    C2 C2. Halo Varga – Future (Howl Ensemble Remix)

    D1 D1. Halo Varga – Future (Pola Remix)
    D2 D2. Halo Varga – Future (Jaffa Surfa Remix)

    ARTIST(S): Halo Varga
    TITLE: ‎Back to the Future
    LABEL: ALLINN027 | All Inn Records
    STYLES: Electronic | House | Deep House | Minimal | Ambient
    Format:  2 x Vinyl (10″ & 12″)

    Rebirth of a legend. Travelling through time and space Future makes no mistake. Halo Varga’s unforgettable hymn can shake the dancefloors even after 17 years. This golden song was released by Siesta Music and the legendary Hooj Choons imprints, and now after more then a decade its landing on All Inn Records sorrounded by 6 incredible reinterpretations of Janeret, Coldfish, Howl Ensemble, Pola and Jaffa Surfa. Together with all these different shades and shapes this is truly one of the most remarkable gem of the label




  • HOSTOM004

    A. Untitled A. Untitled

    B. Untitled B. Untitled

    ARTIST(S): Unknown Artist
    TITLE: Untitled
    LABEL: Hostom004 | HOSTOM
    STYLES: House | Deep House

    Hostom is back


  • HOSTOM005

    A. Untitled A. Untitled

    B. Untitled B. Untitled

    ARTIST(S): Unknown Artist
    TITLE: Untitled
    LABEL: Hostom005 | HOSTOM
    STYLES: House | Deep House

    Hostom strikes again.


  • HOSTOM006

    A. Untitled A. Untitled

    B. Untitled B. Untitled

    ARTIST(S): Unknown Artist
    TITLE: Hostom 006
    LABEL: Hostom006 | HOSTOM
    STYLES: House | Minimal
    RELEASE DATE: September 28TH

    Hostom strikes again.


  • New

    Howl Slipmat (pair)

  • New

    Inner – Danceamine

    A1 A1 Scandal
    A2 A2 Danceamine

    B B Time

    ARTIST(S): Inner
    TITLE: ‎Danceamine EP
    LABEL: PTN002 | Partisan 
    STYLES: Minimal | Techno | House
    Format:  12″ vinyl only

    Three, floor-minded tracks bind together to form a mesmerizing groove unlike any other. Ranging from the bouncy funk of “Scandal,” to the hypnotic broken techno of “Time,” to the shuffling trip of “Dancemine,” this is a true document of an artist unafraid to offer the full spectrum of their musical personality, with an undeniable compulsion to push forward.




  • New

    Janeret – JNRT888 (AKU006)

    A. A. Sungrazer

    B.  B. Astral

    ARTIST(S): Janeret
    TITLE: JNRT888
    LABEL: AKU006 | AKU
    STYLES: House | Minimal House

    Janeret is back on AKU with a two tracker.


  • New

    Joule slipmat black (pair)

  • New

    Joule slipmat blue (pair)

  • New

    Joule slipmat cyan (pair)

  • New

    Joule slipmat red (pair)

  • New

    Kas:st ‎– Movement of Thought

    A1 A1. Celestial Chaos
    A2 A2. Mind Riot

    B1 B1. Hidden Memory
    B2 B2. Hidden Memory (Claudio PRC Remix)

    ARTIST(S): Kas:st
    TITLE:‎ ‎Movement of Thought
    LABEL: CCRT04AM04| Concrete Music 4AM
    STYLES: Techno | Electro
    FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl 
    COUNTRY: France

    With Movement of Thought, the french duo Kas:st gives us a new look on what techno should feel like. With incredible sound waves and deep melodic vibrations, this release truly is an emotional journey from beginning to end.

    Through its techno sounds, the EP shows that music is the result of the movement of thoughts. Claudio PRC, one of the best techno producers around, offers his own interpretation of the B-Side track, « Hidden Memory ».

    Avec Movement of Thought, le duo français Kas:st nous offre un nouveau regard sur ce que la techno devrait nous faire ressentir. Composé d’incroyables vagues sonores et de profondes vibrations mélodiques, cette sortie est un véritable voyage émotionnel.

    A travers sa techno mentale riche, l’EP montre que la musique est le résultat du mouvement de la pensée. Claudio PRC, l’un des meilleurs producteurs de techno mentale à ce jour, propose sa propre interprétation de « Hidden Memory », la face B de l’EP.



  • Kashawar – Resonate

    A1. A1. Resonate
    A2. A2. The Man On The Moon

    B1. B1. Zero Gravity
    B2. B2. Hochbetrieb

    C1 C1 Orbitbass
    C2 C2 Hundertdreissig

    D1 D1 Radical Ambient
    D2 D2 Lakeside Trouble
    D3  D3 H

    ARTIST(S): Kashawar
    TITLE: Resonate
    LABEL: PTN004LP | Partisan 
    STYLES: Techno | Minimal | House | Breaks
    Format:  2×12″ LP vinyl only

    Kashawar presents his “Resonate LP”, an explosive ensemble of rave-infused techno which travels beyond boundaries to defy the typical groove of 4X4 dance music.​ ​This​ ​album​ ​is purposely designed to transport you somewhere far away, catapulting you beyond the techno stratosphere!


  • Kito Kusunoki – ‎Ukiyo (YoY.03)

    A. A. Kito Kusunoki – Project 110

    B1. B1. Kito Kusunoki – Y.O.O
    B2. B2. Kito Kusunoki – Unlilly

    ARTIST(S): Kito Kusunoki
    TITLE: ‎Ukiyo
    LABEL: YoY.03 | YoY
    STYLES: Electronic, Breaks, Techno
    Format: 12″ vinyl only, coloured vinyl

    New release by Kito Kusunoki, serving up a trio of electronic beats on yoyaku’s sub label YoY.



  • Kito Kusunoki – YOYAKUZA001

    A1. A1. Kito Kusunoki – Rurou

    B1. B1. Kito Kusunoki – Ougi
    B2. B2. Kito Kusunoki – Setsuna

    ARTIST(S): Kito Kusunoki
    STYLES: Techno | Electronic | Breaks
    FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl only
    Country : Japan

    Kito Kusunoki’s debut on YOYAKUZA, yoyaku’s new sub-label dedicated to talented Japanese artists



  • La Peña ‎– N°: 011

    A A. Einzelkind, Christian Burkhardt, Markus Fix, Robin Scholz – Jam Fm

    B1 B1. Sercan – Nervous Pattern
    B2 B2. The Unexpected Guest – Beat Your Ass

    ARTIST(S): La Peña
    TITLE:‎ N°: 011
    LABEL: LPA011 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal | House
    Format: 12″

     La Pena Boys are Back!
    Top Notch Raw House Beats !



  • La Peña – N°: 013

    A1 A1. Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind – Asylum
    A2 A2. Sascha Dive – Do It Anyway

    B1 B1. Kashawar – Pink Oyster
    B2 B2. Volkan Akin – I Got Nothing

    ARTIST(S):La Peña
    TITLE:‎ N°: 013
    LABEL: LPA013 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″

    Fresh Cuts From: Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind, Sascha Dive, Kashawar, Volkan Akin



  • La Peña – N°: 015

    A1 A1. Makula

    B1 B1. Barimu
    B2 B2. Barimu (Christian Burkhardt Remix)

    ARTIST(S):La Peña
    TITLE:‎ N°: 015
    LABEL: LPA015 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″



  • La Peña – N°: 019

    A1 A1. Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu – Clod Air Falls
    A2 A2. Philipp Boss – Gangster Boogie

    B1 B1. Markus Fix – Watcha People
    B2 B2. Bolumar – Auslage

    ARTIST(S):La Peña
    TITLE:‎ N°: 019
    LABEL: LPA019 |La Peña
    STYLES: Minimal
    Format: 12″

    Am i right or am i wrong !?
    I hope that D*** is not too long !?
    La Peña # 19 has all the answers.
    Get up !



  • Lowris – Mabête (AEM010)

    A1 A1. Bestyolle
    A2 A2. Setup 4.1

    B B. Bestyolle (Edward remix)

    ARTIST: Lowris
    TITLE:‎ Mabête EP
    LABEL: AEM0010 | Æternum Music
    STYLES: Electronic | Minimal | Minimal house
    Format:  12″

    Æternum Music head and co-owner celebrates the 10th release with his first solo release on the imprint. 2 tracker with a brilliant aditional remix from the Giegling crew member Edward..


  • MAKSY002

     A. A.

     B.  B.

    STYLES: House
    FORMAT: 12′

    After a first acclaimed release, Maksy is back for a two tracker.


  • MNTU003

    A1 The Power Sequence
    A2 Dream Disko FM

    B Shut Da Fuk Upp!

    ARTIST(S): St. David
    TITLE:‎ FM Diskotek
    LABEL: MNTU003 |Manitou
    STYLES: House | Electronic
    Format: 12″

    Manitou is back this time with MPC house Jams  from St David, ready for the dancefloor inspired by the Hardhouse era of the 90’s Dance Mania Records.


  • Molly – SB Relief (AKU007)

    A A. Cycle

    B1 B1. M.B
    B2 B2. L.A

    ARTIST(S): Molly
    TITLE: SB Relief
    LABEL: AKU007 | AKU
    STYLES: House | Deep House

    For its seventh release, AKU welcomes Molly with her debut solo EP, a sublime three tracker.
    The French artist has established a sterling reputation with remixes on labels such as Rekids, Karlovak and All Inn but this is her very first collection of solo work. ‘S.B Relief’ finds a home on yoyaku’s sublabel AKU.

    Over on the A side, she comes with a slight different style, throwing down a rolling beat with some minimal glitch. A round and heavy bass drives the track along while a dubby synth adds character. One for the summertime heads, you can feel the ultraviolet rays beaming out of this one.
    On the B Side, are two deep, sultry productions, with house tropes and minimal bleeps. Both cerebral, sensitive compositions, that kind of tracks that Molly skill fully threads into her DJ sets.


  • Limited

    Niwa Tatsui – Autumn Leaf

    A1. A1 Autumn 1
    A2. A2 Autumn 2

    B B. Leaf

    ARTIST(S): Niwa Tatsui
    TITLE:‎ ‎ Autumn Leaf
    LABEL: No Label
    STYLES: Techno | Electronic | Breaks
    FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl only, Hand stamped
    COUNTRY: Japan
    RELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017

    Hand stamped unlabeled vinyl transporting you in a journey in the depths of the autumn forest.


  • Limited

    Niwa Tatsui – blue mountain

    A A. blue

    B  B. mountain

    ARTIST(S): Niwa Tatsui
    TITLE:‎ ‎ blue mountain
    LABEL: No Label
    STYLES: Techno | Electronic | Breaks
    Format: 12″ Vinyl only, Hand stamped
    Country : Japan

    Hand stamped unlabeled record transporting you in a journey to the heights of the blue mountain.



  • Limited

    Niwa Tatsui – green river

    ARTIST(S): Niwa Tatsui
    TITLE:‎ ‎ green river
    LABEL: No Label
    STYLES: Techno | Electronic | Breaks
    Format: 12″ Vinyl only, Hand stamped
    Country : Japan

    Hand stamped unlabeled record transporting you in a journey to the current of the green river.


    Full length tracks
    (Listen full tracks streamed on our youtube channel at 160kbps)

    A. Niwa Tatsui – Green

    B. Niwa Tatsui – River


  • Noha – Eterno Ritorno

    A1 A1. Noha – Lingon
    A2 A2. Noha – Maschera

    B1 B1. Noha – Ghosting
    B2 B2. Noha – Baba Yaga

    ARTISTS: Noha
    TITLE:‎ Eterno Ritorno Ep
    LABEL: nilla011 | Nilla
    STYLES: Electronic | House| Deep House| Minimal | Tribal
    Format: Vinyl, 12″

    Painter and electronic music producer Noha marks Nilla with his refined four tracker magic. The Nabuco labelboss deep driven percussive style dominates this time too. The technically stunning and musically engaging Eterno Ritorno is a sweet spot for dub and house fanatics, and it certifies unquesationable success on dancefloors. Get it and enjoy



  • Novio Dub Tribe – AKIBA

    A A. Novio Dub Tribe – Kakiuchi Dub

    B1 B1. Novio Dub Tribe – Solfa
    B2 B2. Novio Dub Tribe – Meguro

    ARTIST(S): Novio Dub Tribe
    STYLES: House | Electronic
    Format: vinyl 12″

    Irenic. Aimed at peace and brought to life as a steady output for spiritual groove based music. First installment by Novio Dub Tribe offers 3 tracks that may differ in style but created with the same mindstate. ‘Kakiuchi’ is all about serenity and echoed drums, ‘Solfa’ brings some aquatic tech to the mix while ‘Meguro’ is a classic example of an oldschool dub workout.

    yydistribution spreads the love.


  • New

    Oshana – Ametisu (YoY.02)

    A A Eccentric Electrix

    B1 B1 Dream Frequency
    B2 B2 Concentration

    ARTIST(S): Oshana
    TITLE: ‎Ametisu
    LABEL: YoY.02 | YoY 
    STYLES: Electronic | Breaks | Techno
    Format:  12″ vinyl only, coloured  vinyl 

    Oshana delivers the second release of yoyaku’s sub label YoY, serving up a trio of club-ready cuts.



  • Oshana – Arcadia EP

    A1 A1 Accelerator
    A2 A2 Day 21

    B B Arcadia

    ARTIST(S): Oshana
    TITLE: ‎Arcadia EP
    LABEL: PTN001 | Partisan 
    STYLES: Electronic 
    Format:  12″ vinyl only

    Oshana steps up to deliver the first blow for Partisan, a fresh, new imprint. Warm melodic tones, bending synths, razor-sharp percussion and noticable grit bind together this dancefloor focused EP.   With its fast paced and innovative sounds its a strong step forward for this unique producer and a great start for Partisan.




  • Paul Walter – Never Let Go

    A Never Let Go

    B1 Lanedan
    B2 Never Let Go (Dario Reimann Remix)

    ARTIST(S): Paul Walter
    TITLE:‎ Never Let Go
    LABEL: HARLO001 |Harlo
    STYLES: Minimal | Electronic
    Format: 12″

    Einzelkind and Charlotte T. are proud to present brand spankin’ new label Harlo records. Kicking things off in style with this first release: Vienna’s secret weapon Paul Walter and Sensual records regular Dario Reimann on the remix tip. Anthem alert !!!


  • Photograph

    A. A. Andrey Pushkarev – Frame

    B1. B1. Andrey Puskarev – Can I take a picture with you?
    B2. B2. Andrey Puskarev – Undelivered Package

    ARTIST(S): Andrey Pushkarev
    LABEL: LOA001 | Luck of Access
    STYLES: Electronic, Deep House, Techno
    Format: 12″ vinyl only

    Effervescent in its construct, Andrey Pushkarev’s Photograph EP on his newly founded ‘Luck of Access’ imprint, is an exploration of the interplay of sounds and personal memories. Three tracks of compelling circular beauty curling slandered dub realms in a surreal dream-state of lush, liquid and hazy frequencies.

  • Pola – Kuku EP (AKU008)

    A A. Triangle

    B B. Survival

    ARTIST(S): Pola
    TITLE: Kuku
    LABEL: AKU008 | AKU
    STYLES: House | Deep House
    RELEASE DATE: October 20th 2017

    For its eighth release, AKU welcomes Pola manager of All Inn records with two groovy cuts.


  • Premiesku – Last Man On Moon

    A1 A1. Avant

    B1 B1. Even
    B1 B2. Last Man On Moon

    ARTIST(S): Premiesku
    TITLE: ‎Last Man On Moon
    LABEL: ALLINN028 | All Inn Records
    STYLES: Electronic | Minimal 
    Format:  12″

    Six years after their debut release on All Inn, Premiesku is back to the label with a brand new three tracker. Last Man On Moon brings the usual winner formula of the trio. The proper hypnosis of drum machines, featherweight spacey themes with a pinch of classical house flavour on the top. A must have record for all periods of the weekend.




  • Limited

    red forest

    A A. red

    B  B. forest

    ARTIST(S): Unknown Artist
    TITLE:‎ ‎ red forest
    LABEL: No Label
    STYLES: Techno | Electronic | Breaks
    Format: 12″ Vinyl only, Hand stamped
    Country : Japan

    Hand stamped unlabeled vinyl transporting you in a journey to the depths of the red forest.



  • New


    A A. שלום

    B B. سلام

    STYLES: Minimal 
    FORMAT: vinyl 12″ only
    COUNTRY: Mesopotamia
    RELEASE DATE: October 16th 2017

    Mesopotamian beats for peace